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Kinect Rush is a Dis­ney Pixar ad­ven­ture game which has five dif­fer­ent lev­els based on the pop­u­lar an­i­mated movies— The In­cred­i­bles, Up, Rata­touille, Cars and Toy Story. It takes place at Pixar Park where the check level has mini-chal­lenges. Af­ter suc­cess­fully com­plet­ing a movie, new char­ac­ters are un­locked and your avatar gets more cus­tomised based on the level you are at.

The game’s con­trols don’t have the lag which one ex­pe­ri­ences in many Kinect games. One needs to swing the arms to make the avatar move; swing faster and you start run­ning and, as for driv­ing, all you need to do is ex­tend your arms and steer away. With so many dif­fer­ent worlds to ex­plore, the game comes with a va­ri­ety of moves like swing­ing from

a rope in Up, leap­ing across rooftops in Rata­touille or chuck­ing cars around in The


In fact, the de­ter­mi­na­tion of Rush to ap­peal to the whole fam­ily largely suc­ceeds through the ex­cel­lent split-screen co-op mode that en­cour­ages play­ers of dif­fer­ent skills or ages to work to­gether. It's phys­i­cal and chal­leng­ing enough for adults to rack up all the hid­den items and bonuses, but the ab­sence of health me­ters or death means even tod­dlers can com­plete chal­lenges.

This game is mainly meant for chil­dren—and it does a great job by mak­ing it in­ter­ac­tive in a sim­ple way. It has also the afore­men­tioned co-op mode that al­lows adults to play along with the kid­dos. The short mis­sions, how­ever, won’t ap­peal much to adults, which is a shame as it could have been a more en­gross­ing fam­ily game for the many older fans Pixar out there.




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OR JUNK IT? Chil­dren will love this, but adults could have too.

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