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Any­thing to do with Star­Wars gen­er­ates a lot of in­ter­est even if one isn’t a sci-fi fan. Mi­crosoft wanted to push the en­ve­lope and bring these iconic char­ac­ters to life, the plus be­ing their on Kinect. The game be­gins with a lot of prom­ise with the Jedi train­ing. You start off as Padawans—rook­ies get­ting a hang off how to con­trol the Force and the lightsabers. We oc­ca­sion­ally faced prob­lems with the Kinect con­trols. (When you have to dodge or jump over ob­jects and ride the po­drac­ers, the con­trols are re­spon­sive nine out of 10 times.) This is one of the best an­i­mated sec­tions, but you will need to take breaks at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals as you have to hold up your arms to con­trol the racer which can get pretty tir­ing.

Be­lieve it or not you also dance for Jabba the Hutt. The Ga­lac­tic Dance Off seg­ment is quite funky as you have to mas­ter the dance moves that are named af­ter the Force moves. If you like shak­ing your booty then, yes, it’s fun. But for a pure Star­Wars fan it’s de­serves a miss.

From a game­play per­spec­tive, the lightsaber du­els were most dis­ap­point­ing. The move­ments are slug­gish and far from pre­cise. What hap­pened to the fancy block­ing and at­tack­ing moves taught in train­ing? The only so­lu­tion is to slash bar­bar­i­cally till the en­emy falls.

Kinect Star Wars has five modes: Dark Side Ris­ing, Po­drac­ing, Ran­cor Ram­page, Du­els of Fate and Ga­lac­tic Dance Off. All these mini-games pro­vide enough ad­ven­ture to keep you pranc­ing in front of the screen.The graph­ics, an­i­ma­tion and sound ef­fects are all quite im­pres­sive. If you have seen the Star Wars an­i­mated se­ries then you will eas­ily be able to iden­tify the char­ac­ters and the lo­ca­tions.

The game comes with loads of ex­pec­ta­tions but it just falls short. The car­di­nal lack is the glitchy con­trol of the lightsaber which is your main weapon. It is fun to toss the droids around by us­ing the Force. But is this game a force to reckon with or a farce? It is an av­er­age game with a lot of bling-bling thrown in.




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OR JUNK IT? The lightsaber du­els are re­ally a duel with con­trols!

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