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This cam­corder looks like any other handy­cam in the mar­ket…that is till you read the 3D writ­ten in bold on the de­vice. The dual lens ap­pears ver­ti­cal at first, but to start shoot­ing you have to flip it around into a hor­i­zon­tal po­si­tion—a bit like a ham­mer­head shark. When you switch on the de­vice (by flip­ping the 3.2-inch LCD screen open) you see the 3D screen and that too with­out the need for spe­cial glasses. The screen is good at show­ing 3D with con­sid­er­able depth though the screen size is small. There are quite a few but­tons to con­trol the cam­era, among them a but­ton that lets you switch off the 3D while record­ing just HD video. There is also a Photo but­ton to click stills, but not while you are record­ing video. The record but­ton is a bit awk­ward, lo­cated as it is to­wards the right of where your thumb will sit. Where the record but­ton should ideally have been is a tog­gle that switches on the LED flash as well as lets you flip through the menu and saved files. The menu is very ba­sic, al­most de­void of text and with just icons for ev­ery­thing.

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