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You can al­ways buy a 3D tele­vi­sion set to watch con­tent with real depth. But it is pos­si­ble to do the same on your PC, es­pe­cially with games. How­ever, this won’t come cheap. SYS­TEM RE­QUIRE­MENTS: In­tel i3,i5,i7 pro­ces­sors with com­pat­i­ble moth­er­boards, NVIDIA graph­ics card with Blu­Ray com­pat­i­bil­ity, min­i­mum 2 GB of RAM, hard disk as per your us­age and Blu-ray drive (op­tional).

CON­TENT & SOFT­WARE: The big­gest trou­ble with 3D is get­ting stereo­scopic con­tent. But if you man­age to find some files, you can play them on a Win­dows PC us­ing the Stereo­scopic Player, avail­able as a free down­load. The soft­ware can also be used to up­scale 2D con­tent to 3D. In ad­di­tion, it gives mul­ti­ple 3D op­tions to suit your dis­play mode. It is rel­a­tively easy to buy and play 3D con­tent if your PC or lap­top has a Blu-ray drive.

DIS­PLAY: Even if you man­age to play 3D files you will see the stereo­scopic ef­fect only if you have a 3D mon­i­tor. ASUS, LG and Benq have 3D mon­i­tors for prices start­ing around 15,000. ` Al­ter­na­tively, you can buy a Visuz Chro­matic Light De­flec­tor fil­ter and at­tach it to your old 21.5 or 22-inch mon­i­tor. This new tech­nol­ogy from Threed Holo­grams ad­vances the bright­ness, clar­ity, and im­proves tran­si­tioned view­ing an­gle of dis­played 3D im­ages with­out the need for glasses. To watch 3D on a reg­u­lar mon­i­tor us­ing the fil­ter, you will also need a Visuz all-in-one driver and Power DVD player ver­sion 11. This op­tion also lets you switch be­tween 3D and 2D at will by sim­ply re­mov­ing the fil­ter from the mon­i­tor. The Visuz CLD pack­age costs 19,500. `

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