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Kondo KHR-3HV

One of the most ver­sa­tile hu­manoids avail­able in the mar­ket, this ro­bot tries to im­i­tate hu­man move­ments and can do a lot many move­ments other toy ro­bots can’t. This in­clude ob­ject recog­ni­tion. It can even dance or act like a security guard by beam­ing what is sees over a Wi-fi. Price: 10,800, `

LG Home Bot

This ef­fi­cient yet quiet ro­bot can clean your home and the dirty spots even when you are away. With cam­eras on the top and front, it has a com­pre­hen­sive vis­ual data, up­dated 50 times a sec­ond to learn its po­si­tion while mov­ing around and clean­ing. Mov­ing be­tween the chairs and other ob­sta­cles, it can clean the car­pet and rough surface with ease. Price: 43,990 `

Za­pak Tur­boz 4 Chan­nel Re­mote Con­trol He­li­copter

Take-off, land­ing, fly­ing around... all just a spin in the part for the Za­pak Tur­boz 4 chan­nel re­mote con­trol he­li­copter. Just 8 inched in to­tal, this chop­per lets you con­trol the flight al­ti­tude, take it for­ward and back­ward and even con­trol the direc­tion of the he­li­copter. The he­li­copter comes with a con­troller, charger and tool kit. Kids just love to play with this one. Price: 3,149, `

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