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HP Of­fice­Jet Pro 8600 eAiO

The HP Of­fice­jet Pro 8600 is a Wi-fi en­abled all-in-one printer that can be used for print­ing a doc­u­ment from al­most any­where. It has in­built wire­less net­work­ing that can be di­rectly con­fig­ured to a Wi-fi net­work re­duc­ing the clut­ter of wires. Also the HP eprint­ing tech­nol­ogy al­lows you print doc­u­ments from smart­phones, note­book, PC and other mo­bile de­vices with ease us­ing the eprint app. Price: 16,499 `

Go Flex Satel­lite Mo­bile Wire­less Stor­age

This de­vice from Seagate al­lows one to ac­cess me­dia stored on it from any wire­less de­vice. Istead of piggy-back­ing on a wire­less net­work, this cre­ate a net­work of its own so that you can play movies and mu­sic on air. Works with ipad, An­droid and other smart­phones. Price: 9,699 `

Samsung WB150F

Trans­fer­ring im­ages from your cam­era to the PC usu­ally in­volves a long process of ei­ther plug­ging the cam­era or the memory card to the PC. Samsung’s WB150F is a Wi-fi en­abled cam­era that if con­nected to the net­work can di­rectly upload pho­tos and videos to so­cial net­work­ing sites like Face­book, Picasa, Youtube, Pho­to­bucket as well as email them. The lo­gin ID and pass­word can be typed us­ing the vir­tual key­board us­ing the con­trol dial and the cam­era will re­mem­ber it for fu­ture pair­ing. Price: 12,900 `

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