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Anaglyph: Old­est of the tech­nolo­gies. Two pro­jec­tors throw­ing over­lap­ing im­ages— in cyan and red shades—on the screen and fool the brain into see­ing depth. Po­lar­is­ing: The screen pro­duces two po­larised im­ages—ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal— for each eye. When fil­tered by po­lar­is­ing glasses, a 3D im­age is re­ceived. Ac­tive Shut­ter: Ac­tive shut­ters in the glasses are in sync with the screen. Al­ter­nate and very fast turn on/off gen­er­ates dif­fer­ent im­ages for the two eyes. Glasses are bat­tery-pow­ered. Lentic­u­lar: Fu­ture lies here. Al­ter­nately in­ter­laced im­ages meant ex­clu­sively for the left and right eyes pass through half- cylin­dri­cal lenses and the brain con­stitues a 3D im­age. No glasses needed here.

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