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What if you have to first take a gen­eral pic­ture and then nar­row down to the ex­act scene you want framed? Could be pos­si­ble soon. Duke Univer­sity in the US has cre­ated a 1 gi­gapixel cam­era (in other words, a 1000 MP im­ager) us­ing 100 mi­cro­cam­eras placed in a spher­i­cal ori­en­ta­tion. These take 100 ac­cu­rately fo­cused pho­tos, which are then stitched by a com­puter into a composite pic­ture. Called Aware-2, the cam­era cur­rently takes only black-and-white im­ages. But it is not ready for con­sumer use yet. At 45 kg and with the di­men­sions of an of­fice laser printer, it cer­tainly can­not be lugged around by a ca­sual pho­tog­ra­pher. It also takes about 18 sec­onds to shoot a frame and record the data on a disk.

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