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Sam­sung claims its new Se­ries 8 tele­vi­sions are a bit ahead of the times. We had to see for our­selves to be­lieve this boast. Mo­tion sens­ing, voice con­trol, up­grade­able hard­ware, we sure had our hands full.

DE­SIGN The 55ES8000 is a sleek de­vice, de­spite its 55-inch size. The bezel is thin at 12mm, but the chrome frame sort of kills the pic­ture and acts a spoiler. In a first, this TV comes with a built-in we­b­cam which you will need for Skype chats and which the TV will need for face recog­ni­tion. The re­mote is also unique, with very few con­trols and a touch pad in the mid­dle to

move the cur­sor on the screen.

3D The HD con­tent on the TV is as clear as it can be. The 3D is clear too, though we were not all that im­pressed by the out­ward throw. The depth is much bet­ter, es­pe­cially when you are view­ing con­tent up­scaled from 2D. Sam­sung uses ac­tive glasses for its 3D and the TV comes bun­dled with four of them.

Good, for buy­ing them will cost you a packet. The sound also has a 3D boost when re­quired.

MO­TION SENS­ING The re­mote is very handy, but with this TV you can also use your hand for nav­i­ga­tion. Once the sen­sor con­fig­ures it­self to the am­bi­ent light in the room, you can con­trol the cur­sor by just mov­ing your hand. To se­lect some­thing just close your fist; to go back to an ear­lier menu, wave the hand anti-clock­wise. How­ever, we found this a bit too labour in­ten­sive for our lik­ing. Why would a couch potato want to wave his

arms to change chan­nels?

SMART Sam­sung claims it has the most apps for any tele­vi­sion, in­clud­ing some sig­na­ture ap­pli­ca­tions avail­able only for its cus­tomers. Apps

like Fam­ily Story, Fit­ness and Kids are re­ally good, ex­cept for the small de­tail that you will need a 2Mbps Net con­nec­tion to make full use of these. There is a tonne of free con­tent too, but even that is

streamed and will need a fast In­ter­net con­nec­tion. With slower con­nec­tions, you will en­counter frus­trat­ing lags as you switch from app to app. In an­other cut­ting edge fea­ture, Sam­sung has promised an ‘Evo­lu­tion Kit’ ev­ery year for you to up­grade the soft­ware and

hard­ware. But this won’t come free. VOICE CON­TROL If you don’t like all the wav­ing, just ask the TV to change chan­nels, re­duce vol­ume or open an app. This seems to be a more nat­u­ral way of con­trol­ling the tele­vi­sion and you can em­ploy voice ei­ther with the re­mote or to speak di­rectly to the TV. Most of the TV com­mands can be con­trolled by voice and used to­gether with mo­tion sens­ing and the re­mote, giv­ing you com­plete con­trol over your TV. It could, how­ever, be a bit chaotic if ev­ery­one in the room tried to take charge in his or her own way. VER­DICT This is a very smart TV and re­ally ahead of its times, es­pe­cially with the mul­ti­ple con­trol op­tions. How­ever, the 3D is some­thing Sam­sung re­ally needs to work on.

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