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Lol­lipop Chain­saw is like a roller­coaster ride with some highs and se­ri­ous lows. Our pro­tag­o­nist, Juliet, plays with pom­poms dur­ing the day, but at night this blonde bomb­shell takes up a chain­saw to chop zom­bies into pieces. She comes from a fam­ily of zom­bie hunters and even though it’s hard to be­lieve, she is the last line of de­fence against a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse. The game is re­plete with dark hu­mour which some might not find taste­ful. There are anorexia jokes and foul words that end up tick­ling you rather than in­sult­ing you.

The zom­bies keep­ing you guess­ing— some ex­plode by them­selves while oth­ers throw dan­ger­ous can­is­ters at you. You can stun the zom­bies with pom­pom pum­mel or go for the slower-but­ef­fec­tive meth­ods of slic­ing them with a chain­saw. These at­tack op­tions can mul­ti­ply into deadly combo offensive moves which can only be bought with pen­nies that shower down af­ter you fell your ad­ver­sary. What keeps the game in­ter­est­ing is Juliet’s swift kill moves, which in­clude aerial at­tacks. But with pre­dictable graph­ics and lit­tle chal­lenge, the game pretty much fiz­zles out.

Lol­lipop Chain­saw is di­vided into six stages with mini games in be­tween. But the mini games are quite a bore. One has to be pre­pared to hear a lot of pro­fan­ity as the dark pur­vey­ors or the bosses of each stage sprays in­sults and vi­o­lence at you.

To tell you how “fun” it is, Juliet has the head of her boyfriend Nick tied around her waist. He had been de­cap­i­tated by a zom­bie but she used black magic to turn him into a talk­ing head. So apart from hu­mourous com­ments, Nick’s head can used as a weapon—swing it around like a mace or throw it at en­e­mies.

Lol­lipop Chain­saw is a bit too short for our lik­ing and too plain in terms of graph­ics. The game in­ten­tion­ally sexes up Juliet with short skirts and provoca­tive ges­tures, so for dirty old men and young de­prived men, it can be a must-have! The game helps you kill time but there is noth­ing re­ally in it that will keep you glued to the con­sole for long.


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