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Do you know that smart­phones used to ex­ist much be­fore the iPhone and An­droid? Nokia’s Sym­bian Se­ries 60 sup­ported push email, web brows­ing and multi-task­ing. Even in 2007, we could down­load apps on this plat­form. Sym­bian is still one of the low­est power-con­sum­ing plat­forms around. How­ever, the com­pany un­der­es­ti­mated the suc­cess of iPhone and An­droid. Later, it did try to en­ter the touch mar­ket but found the com­pe­ti­tion too ad­vanced in the tech­nol­ogy. This does not mean that Sym­bian is bad. It feels a bit out­dated in front of the iOS, An­droid and Win­dows, but it still smoothly han­dles mul­ti­ple apps even with less re­sources. Nokia also gives you more op­tions like touch and non-touch phones. The non-touch phones run on Sym­bain Se­ries 60, 3rd edition while touch de­vices run on Sym­bian Se­ries 60, 5th edition and above. Ap­pli­ca­tions can be down­loaded from Ovi Store with­out giv­ing credit card de­tails. Pur­chas­ing paid apps is easy as the amount can be added to the monthly bill for post­paid cus­tomers.


7,600 `

SPECS: Sym­bian S60; 2.4-inch touch dis­play; 1GHz pro­ces­sor; 128MB RAM; 32GB ex­pand­able mem­ory; 5MP cam­era; 3G, Wi-Fi,

Blue­tooth; 860 mAh bat­tery.


9250 `

SPECS: Sym­bian Belle; 3.2-inch touch dis­play; 1GHz pro­ces­sor;

256 MB RAM; 2GB in­ter­nal stor­age, 32GB ex­pand­able; 5MP cam­era; 3G, Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth,

GPS; 1110 mAh bat­tery.


8,200 `

SPECS: Sym­bian S60; 3.2 inch touch dis­play; 600Mhz pro­ces­sor; 128 MB RAM; 60MB in­ter­nal, 16GB ex­pand­able; 3G, Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth, GPS,

1000 mAh bat­tery.


7,200 `

SPECS: Sym­bian S60; 2.2-inch dis­play; 600 MHz pro­ces­sor; 256 MB

RAM; 270 MB in­ter­nal, 16GB ex­pand­able; 3G, Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth,

GPS; 1050mAh bat­tery.

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