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Leg­endary game maker Namco’s at­tempt to make a sin­gle-player shooter with dif­fer­ence sort of back­fires as it does not utilise the full po­ten­tial of the genre. The story is quite sim­ple—an alien race has de­cided to in­vade your planet and has kid­napped your daugh­ter. You, a city po­lice­man, Davis Rus­sell, along with your part­ner Leo Del­gao, at­tempt to shoot down the aliens to res­cue your daugh­ter.

Soon you re­alise that the en­e­mies have the abil­ity to ma­nip­u­late grav­ity. But af­ter some suc­cess­ful pound­ing with your guns, you too get your hands on this de­vice. The ma­chine makes ob­jects ei­ther ex­tremely heavy or light. This de­vice has to be recharged so you have to solve puz­zles to win recharge power. There is also the heavy grav­ity mode that helps you de­flect bullets.

Now, the con­cept of the game is quite in­ter­est­ing but the graph­ics make it look old and there are no emo­tions be­tween the pro­tag­o­nist and his part­ner. Both come across as stereo­typ­i­cal char­ac­ters and the di­a­logue de­liv­ery suf­fers from poor voice act­ing.

What does stand out in the game is its pre­cise ac­tion con­trols. It is a de­light when you ma­nip­u­late grav­ity and you face no glitches. The weapons too are com­mend­able but one can see that they have clearly been in­spired by Gear­sof War.

The prob­lem this game faces is that it tries to do too many things rather than be­ing just an out and out third-per­son shooter game. If you over­look buy­ing this game you might not even re­alise that you have missed it. With bet­ter op­tions avail­able, we would call In­ver­sion a be­low av­er­age game.


If you don’t get this game, you have missed noth­ing.

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