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Ca­ble ad­van­tages: Lower cost than satel­lite TV. Ac­cess to ca­ble chan­nels from mul­ti­ple rooms in your house is fairly eas­ily.

Ca­ble dis­ad­van­tages: Lim­ited ac­cess in ru­ral ar­eas. Pic­ture clar­ity av­er­age and you get chan­nels you don’t want but have to pay for.

Satel­lite ad­van­tages: Qual­ity au­dio and video dis­play with hun­dreds of chan­nels, giv­ing you the power to choose the chan­nels you want and even of­fer­ing in­ter­ac­tive el­e­ments such as video-on-de­mand and gam­ing. Not lim­ited by ge­og­ra­phy.

Satel­lite dis­ad­van­tages: Ex­pen­sive, sub­ject to weather-re­lated dis­rup­tions.

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