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What is good about Smart­phones

Of late, tablets and Ul­tra­books are steal­ing the lime­light, but this doesn’t mean that the smart­phones are head­ing to­wards a slow death. In­stead, smart­phones are get­ting big­ger and bet­ter. Giv­ing com­pe­ti­tion to the 7-inch tablets are the new smart­phones with around 5 inches of screen size. The big­ger dis­play of­fers more space for pro­duc­tiv­ity as well as en­ter­tain­ment. With the ex­tra real es­tate, typ­ing over the on­screen QWERTY key­pad be­comes a lot eas­ier. With phones like the Sam­sung Galaxy SIII, the screen can split for watch­ing videos while work­ing. The full HD bright dis­play can be used for watch­ing full HD videos and play­ing games.

As the smart­phones are now used for power hog­ging apps, chip mak­ers like Qual­comm and Nvidia are adding more power with their quad-core pro­ces­sors that can run mul­ti­ple, power hog­ging tasks at the same time. The down­side is that not many apps are avail­able on the app stores that are op­ti­mised for the multi-core pro­ces­sor. These ad­vanced pro­ces­sors now sup­port full HD video cap­ture as well.

Yet an­other front where the smart­phones out­shine is the cam­era op­tics. With most of the high end smart­phones hav­ing 8 megapixel and above, the im­ages cap­tured are good. Fur­ther, the con­stant con­nec­tiv­ity to so­cial net­work­ing sites makes it easy to share as well. Then the con­stant con­nec­tiv­ity smart­phones en­joy help one stay con­nected and work while on the move. Push mail sup­port, chat mes­sages and mil­lions of apps are just a touch away.

What is not so good about Smart­phones

While smart­phones are the per­fect mul­ti­me­dia de­vice, it has its share of down­falls too.

To start with, the 5-inch dis­play is smaller in com­par­i­son to the tablet and Ul­tra­book and doesn’t come handy while typ­ing long doc­u­ments, cre­at­ing pre­sen­ta­tions or han­dling work like com­press­ing HD videos, etc. But then it it tough for phones to have a larger dis­play as that will only act as a hin­drance for its util­ity as a phone.

Se­condly, the de­vices are con­stantly play­ing catch up with their oper­at­ing sys­tems. For in­stance, most An­droid phones run­ning Gin­ger­bread are still await­ing Ice­Cream Sand­wich up­dates. How­ever, with iPhone, users across the world can in­stantly up­date the smart­phone.

Smart­phones do of­fer a good mul­ti­me­dia ex­pe­ri­ence, but can’t match up to ul­tra­books. Lastly, smart­phones with the best dis­play, cam­era and pro­ces­sors costs a bomb. Not even a sin­gle flag­ship smart­phone is priced be­low 35,000. The cheaper op­tions are al­ways lack­ing some­thing.

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