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Ever won­dered what the BEE la­bel on your home ap­pli­ance means? An agency un­der the Union Min­istry of Power, the Bureau of En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency (BEE) has been tasked with re­duc­ing waste­ful en­ergy con­sump­tion. For this, BEE has set up a star-rat­ings sys­tem that de­ter­mines how en­ergy ef­fi­cient a gad­get is. The BEE la­bels have one to five stars; a higher num­ber of stars in­di­cate that the elec­tri­cal ap­pli­ance has higher en­ergy ef­fi­ciency. A 5star prod­uct con­sumes 30 per cent less en­ergy that a one-star prod­uct. But there is a flip side to the star rat­ing. While buy­ing a new prod­uct, you will re­alise that a 5-star rated prod­uct is more ex­pen­sive than a 1or a 2-star rated ap­pli­ance. But re­mem­ber that while you may dole out more at the time of pur­chase, that cost is eas­ily re­cov­ered within 13 years of the pur­chase. For in­stance, the 7,000 ex­tra that you may ` pay for a 5-star rated AC is eas­ily re­couped since it saves 2,000 a year ` in power costs.

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