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LEDS ARE LCDS TOO: LED tele­vi­sions are ac­tu­ally LCD TVs, but with LED back­light­ing in­stead of the cheaper and more com­mon CCFL. In LCDs, the back­light­ing us­ing the flu­o­res­cent light strips is more uni­form than an LED where the more ef­fi­cient diodes ad­just them­selves ac­cord­ing to the pic­ture. THE DARK SIDE: This strength of the LED TV is also its big­gest weak­ness. In more of these, the tiny diodes are ar­ranged ei­ther along the edges —all four or just two sides. So the parts of the TV far­thest from these light-emit­ting diodes ap­pear darker than the rest of the screen. So most LEDs, at least the cheaper ones, suf­fer from the prob­lem of uni­for­mity. The costli­est TVs have LEDs all across (full-ar­ray) the TV and have bet­ter uni­for­mity, of course at a price. FRONT FAC­ING: LEDs don’t re­ally solve the big­gest draw­back of the LCDs, their lim­ited view­ing an­gles. So if you are try­ing to view the pic­ture from the side of the TV the ex­pe­ri­ence will be far from plea­sur­able. In fact, some LEDs worsen the prob­lem even though they have bet­ter pic­tures when you are watch­ing from the front. So look for TVs with the best view­ing an­gles. Don’t go by the claims, ac­tu­ally go to­wards the sides and check for your­self. POWER SAV­ING, RE­ALLY: LEDs are with­out doubt more ef­fi­cient than LCDs. But a CNET sur­vey claims this is at most a 10 per cent sav­ing on power con­sump­tion when com­pared with LCDs. So maybe it’s not nearly a big plus.

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