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Etón FR600B

(` 4,208)

Eton has a good col­lec­tion of so­lar and self-pow­ered ra­dios. Top of their range is the FR600B which fea­tures a so­lar panel and a hand crank for pow­er­ing the de­vice. Since it can pro­duce power, it can also be used to charge a cell phone and has a flash­light built in. It can tune into weather chan­nels. (www. grab­more.in)


(` 2,200)

This is a por­ta­ble and cheap emer­gency ra­dio with so­lar as well as self power op­tions. There is AM and FM along with weather band ra­dio where avail­able. This ra­dio too has a LED flash­light and can charge the cell phone.

( www.grab­more.in)

Mid­land ER102

(` 2,544)

This ra­dio is weather-proof while be­ing able to sur­vive with­out power in chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tions. While it has no so­lar panel, there is a hand crank to charge the in­ter­nal bat­tery as well as a 3-LED flash­light. Added fea­tures are a clock and a ther­mome­ter.

( www.grab­more.in)

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