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Still suf­fer­ing a post-Olympic Games han­gover? Af­ter the rock-bot­tom per­for­mances of In­dia’s much-hyped archery and tennis teams, do you be­lieve if you were in Lon­don things could have been dif­fer­ent for In­dia’s medal count? Well, here’s your ap­por­tu­nity. Lon­don2012 gives you the chance to win gold for your coun­try.

Sports that stand out in this game are pre­dom­i­nantly the track and field events. In the case of triple jump, long jump and the javelin throw, re­sults de­pend on get­ting the right mo­men­tum. Each sport has a dif­fer­ent de­gree of an­gle that boosts the player’s speed or strength. There­fore, play­ing isn’t a pre­dictable drag. As far as sprint­ing is con­cerned, you have to keep an eye on the stam­ina gauge. You need to pace your run well if your avatar is not to be ex­hausted soon. Archery too is a treat as you need to check the wind pat­tern be­fore you aim and re­lease the ar­row. On the other hand swim­ming and gym­nas­tics were a bore as the tech­nique used in these games were too sim­i­lar.

The most im­pres­sive thing about Lon­don2012 is that you can’t ran­domly smash but­tons to win the games. A lot has to do with pre­ci­sion and care­ful tim­ing. There are 31 games and if you count those cat­e­gorised for men’s and women’s par­tic­i­pa­tion, the count goes up 45. The sin­gle-player mode can prove bor­ing be­cause there is no se­ri­ous chal­lenge from the face­less ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence. Also it’s a lot more fun rub­bing your friend’s nose in the dirt. So stick to mul­ti­player mode if pos­si­ble.

The big­gest dis­ap­point­ment was the Kinect con­trol. In­stead of mim­ick­ing re­al­ity, you flapped your arms to gain speed in sprints. What hap­pened to Kinect de­tect­ing leg mo­tion for speed, as in Kinect Sports 1? Con­trol­ling the player’s move­ments in beach vol­ley­ball was also dif­fi­cult. It was, there­fore, a lack­lus­tre ex­pe­ri­ence.

There is a Party Play mode with Kinect which of­fers 13 events. One of the few that is amus­ing is throw­ing javelins at tar­gets that are on the run.

The graph­ics and sound of Lon­don2012 make it the best Olympics games ever. The graph­ics are stun­ning since the re­al­is­tic looks of the an­i­mated ath­letes and the de­tailed sta­di­ums make the game bet­ter than it ac­tu­ally is. Com­men­tary is de­cent but the clar­ity of the crowd cheer­ing in each event and coun­try's na­tional an­them are top notch.


Does not drag, but does not sprint ei­ther.

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