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The Cloud is not such a big deal. In fact, get­ting there is as sim­ple as open­ing an email ac­count. While there might be lim­i­ta­tions to how much of the cloud stor­age you can avail of for free, it would still com­ple­ment your of­fice work in a big way, let­ting you ac­cess im­por­tant files wher­ever you are and also aid col­lab­o­rat­ing with oth­ers with­out the need to sit across a ta­ble from them.

GOOGLE DRIVE: Add this as a folder in My Doc­u­ments and keep sync­ing all your im­por­tant files to the cloud. You will be able to ac­cess these files any­where, any­time. Used with soft­ware pro­vided by the ser­vice provider, you will be able to open and edit files, even those for which you don’t have a li­cence.

MI­CROSOFT SKYDRIVE: When Win­dows 8 comes all your work will be synced to the cloud so that you can continue work wher­ever you are. The sync is also real time and mul­ti­ple users col­lab­o­rate on a sin­gle file when needed.

EVER­NOTE: If you see some­thing in­ter­est­ing while brows­ing, you can clip it en­tirely or in parts us­ing the Ever­note We­b­clip­per, a wid­get you add to browsers. The clips can be ac­cessed later from any de­vice. It can also save doc­u­ments us­ing the app and re­trieve or share them.

DROP­BOX: Use this to save whole fold­ers to the cloud and ac­cess the same from your phone or tablet. While it can act as a good backup for your files, the ser­vice can also be used to share these large files with any­one.

NIVIO: This ser­vice lets you open and edit most Mi­crosoft Of­fice files from Google Drive as and when needed. With a nivio ac­count you can also have a Win­dows desk­top in the cloud, which you can ac­cess from any com­puter any­where.

4SHARED: 4shared, and its PC pro­gramme 4sync, work like any other cloud ser­vice, sync­ing your stuff on­line. But this ser­vice also has a whole new di­men­sion, where it lets you ac­cess other cloud ser­vices from its plat­form.

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