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In 2010, Dark­siders stormed the gam­ing world with its breath­tak­ing graph­ics and the awe­some el­e­ments it had bor­rowed from God of War. The pro­tag­o­nist might not have en­joyed the cult sta­tus of Kratos but he was cap­ti­vat­ing in his own dark way. As War was the hero in the first edition, it was in­evitable that Death would be the lead char­ac­ter in the se­quel. Dark­siders II car­ries over a lot of pos­i­tives from the first game and has added some amaz­ing fea­tures that prom­ise to knock your socks off.

The com­bat moves are sim­i­lar to those of God of War, but Death is a lot more ag­ile. So the hard-hit­ting hero, or the anti-hero, feels like a syn­the­sis be­tween Kratos and Prince of Per­sia. This is a good thing as you are fa­mil­iar with the con­trols and your eyes are glued to the screen. So apart from slash­ing your way through ugly crea­tures and ghouls, you can run across walls and jump across beams. An en­gross­ing addi- tion to the game is that af­ter you slaugh­ter your en­e­mies you earn coins, pick up ar­mour and even weapons. If you want to get rid of any equip­ment, you can sell or swap them for more so­phis­ti­cated arms. So no mat­ter how many times you play, the ex­pe­ri­ence will al­ways be dif­fer­ent.

Dark­siders II is not a mind­less ac­tion game. Your grey cells have to work, de­ci­pher­ing dun­geon maps and find­ing hid­den trea­sure chests and mas­ter keys to un­lock doors. All these re­mind us of Nin­tendo’s leg­endary game Zelda. In fact, Dark­siders II does a de­cent job in tak­ing in­gre­di­ents from dif­fer­ent games and con­cot­ing a dark recipe. The fan­tas­tic graph­ics make you feel the chill­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

The prob­lem is that this game doesn't have its own iden­tity. It has bor­rowed too many fea­tures from games like God of War and The Leg­end of Zelda. It is en­ter­tain­ing, no doubt, but lacks the X fac­tor.


Price: ` 2,799

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