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Re­joice all Master Chief fans, the new Halo4 graces us with its pres­ence. It has been five years since we saw our su­per solider team­ing up with the clos­est thing he could call a friend, AI com­pan­ion Cortana. The game de­vel­op­ers have writ­ten a script that we least ex­pected: Cortana is dy­ing and has be­come highly volatile, now in her eighth year hav­ing now out­lived her sev­enyear AI life. So, show­ing rare emo­tion, Master Chief wants Cortana bailed out. The game may sound like a mushy, if fu­tur­is­tic, res­cue mis­sion, but things haven't changed much in the Halo world as a new en­emy has risen—a sect from the Covenant, the Prometheans, which only wants to de­stroy ev­ery­thing that stands in its way. There are three types of Prometheans— Crawlers, Knights and Watch­ers—and each has its spe­cial way of killing and frus­trat­ing you in the game. The new vil­lains make the older Flood look like dum­mies. The Prometheans are tac­ti­cally a lot more smarter and as ex­pected tougher to kill.

Halo4 con­tin­ues to fol­low its tra­di­tion of cre­at­ing spell­bind­ing graph­ics are and some­times you are caught won­der­ing if it is a movie or a game you are in­volved in. The de­tails are amaz­ing, be it the sur­round­ings or a sol­dier’s ar­mour. With each ver­sion, you can see the glossy and light graph­ics have been toned down and a more bat­tle­worn look has been cre­ated.

Spar­tans Ops is the game mode you must try. You are one of the Spar­tans in the pla­toon that is on a mis­sion to van­quish the Covenant once and for all. There are mini-cam­paigns where you have an op­tion of play­ing solo or take the mul­ti­player way. The good news is that War Games has sig­nif­i­cantly im­proved with new ar­mours and weapons. This fa­mous mul­ti­player mode has 13 mis­sions and af­ter a spe­cific num­ber of kills you get a bonus weapons or a boost up.


Even as fan­fare is on the up, the sur­round­ing look and feel all too fa­mil­iar.

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