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Sony has had a tra­di­tion of coming up with the best look­ing phones in the past. But the re­cent de­signs with a trans­par­ent band to­wards the bot­tom has been a killjoy, to say the least. Sony has dropped the band on the Xpe­ria J, which has an ap­peal­ing de­sign that make it look like its costlier cousins.

Con­sid­er­ing the Xpe­ria J is a mid-seg­ment An­droid smart­phone, it has a sturdy build with a 4-inch bright dis­play. But at 480x854p the dis­play isn’t really very sharp. The reg­u­lar An­droid keys—back, home and op­tions are placed be­low the dis­play, which is framed by a sil­ver bezel. The unit we re­ceived had a black plas­tic on the front and white on the back.

The hand­set has the same old in­ter­face as on the Xpe­ria lineup. But from scrolling through the main menu to launch­ing any app, we no­ticed a slight lag while op­er­at­ing the de­vice. Un­like other An­droid smart­phones, this one comes with browsers on­board—both the An­droid de­fault browser and Chrome. The ex­pe­ri­ence was pretty much sim­i­lar over both the browsers.

The Xpe­ria J is equipped with a 5MP cam­era, which is sort of be­com­ing the stan­dard th­ese days. But again, there was a lag while launch­ing the cam­era app and it took some time in cap­tur­ing im­ages as well. Even the im­age qual­ity was av­er­age as there was a lot of noise.

The bat­tery backup of the Xpe­ria J was im­pres­sive as it gave us a day and half on a sin­gle charge. If used clev­erly, it can last up to two days.


Not worth the price.

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