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If you have started us­ing your iPad as a full-fledged com­puter, you are one of those who al­ready has or is con­tem­plat­ing the pur­chase of a key­board for your tablet. We found a good op­tion for such peo­ple in the Log­itech So­lar Key­board Fo­lio.

Firstly, this is a fo­lio and will cover and of­fer pro­tec­tion to your pre­cious iPad. The outer case is leather, while in­side there is a rub­berised frame to hold the iPad in place. Sec­ond, there is the Blue­tooth key­board which takes un­der a minute to pair with the tablet. The keys have a nice travel and are easy to use even for long du­ra­tion. How­ever, the key­board is the width of the iPad hence has smaller keys. In our first try we had an ac­cu­racy of around 80 per cent, which we are sure will go up with prac­tice. But till then you will need to hold back your speed to get the spellings right.

Ap­ple does not al­low ex­ter­nal de­vices to do much in its sys­tems, and hence iPay key­boards can­not do any nav­i­ga­tion be­yond tak­ing you to the home­screen. This one too does the same with the home but­ton at the top right cor­ner.

Plus, it lets you open search as well as the vir­tual key­board with func­tion keys. There are also func­tions keys to se­lect text, cut, copy and paste, all of which worked with­out a glitch.

The other good thing about this Fo­lio is the so­lar panel at the bot­tom which charges the key­board us­ing sun­light. There is a bat­tery check but­ton on the right which has a small LED in­di­ca­tor to show if the key­board needs to be charged.

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