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Ear­phones for the gym are al­ways about de­sign that make them stay where they should and keep­ing out sweat. Audiophile qual­ity sound has never been a fac­tor in this seg­ment though the sound has been good. But what if you could get Bose qual­ity sound in a sports head­phones?

The Bose SIE2i is meant for those who take their ex­er­cise and mu­sic very se­ri­ously. We tested a flu­o­res­cent coloured model which we used dur­ing work­outs, long walks and even some au­tumn driz­zle to test its met­tle. To start with water and hu­mid­ity is not an is­sue for th­ese in-ear phones. In fact, Bose’s StayHear tips plug in so well that not only do they stay on place dur­ing what­ever you do, it also keeps you aware of the sur­round­ings with­out af­fect­ing the sound. Af­ter all, it wouldn’t be a good idea to go for a job on In­dian streets when you can hear be­yond your mu­sic.

The ca­ble is durable and won’t come off your ear­phone or any­thing. But it is orig­i­nally a bit short that you do not have a tan­gle of wires when you are plugged into a mu­sic player on your Ree­bok fit­ness arm­band that comes in the box. But you have an ex­ten­sion ca­ble in case you are the type who holds the phone or mu­sic player in your hand.

The sound qual­ity is amaz­ing, but then that is a sort of fore­gone con­clu­sion with a Bose de­vice. Bose uses its TriPort acous­tic tech­nol­ogy on this set and we could make out that the sound was full and you did not miss out any of the notes. Then, this de­vice also lets you take calls with a small build in mic near the vol­ume con­trol on the ca­ble. It worked with three dif­fer­ent phones, though Bose is mainly tar­get­ing the iPhone seg­ment. There is a cheaper ver­sion with­out the hands-free op­tion. Audiophile qual­ity sound for sweaty con­di­tions

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