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There are a host of other de­vices that take con­ver­gence to a new level. Here are a cou­ple that caught our at­ten­tion.

The EP­SON MOVE­RIO BT-100 is a wear­able video viewer, which thanks to its An­droid OS can also let users ac­cess on­line con­tent and apps. The de­vice has a trans­par­ent body so that you can multi-task even when you are watch­ing some­thing a video and this is giv­ing rise to a lot of new use-case-sce­nar­ios. The BENQ GP10 is a small­ish pro­jec­tor, but it is good enough to show your tele­vi­sion the door. Along with best in class pro­jec­tor features, this de­vices lets you beam stuff wire­lessly from your lap­top, can dock with DVD player and even play satel­lite tele­vi­sion sig­nals di­rectly.

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