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Gadgets and Gizmos (India) - - REVIEWS - —BY NANDAGOPAL RA­JAN

The Jabra Solemate is built as if it is some camp­ing equip­ment or an orig­i­nal part of a Hum­mer. With rub­ber teeth on the bot­tom and a sturdy grill on front, this small boom box is both heavy and sturdy.

A lot of thought seems to have gone into the de­sign. Be­low the rub­ber sole of the boom­box is a groove to hold the 3.5mm cord, in case you don’t want to use Blue­tooth or the USB to con­nect this de­vice. Yes, you read it right. This de­vice has all of the above op­tions as far as con­nec­tiv­ity is con­cerned. But in its soul the Solemate is a Blue­tooth de­vice. It takes about a minute to pair the boom­box to a phone or tablet, and once done you can even take calls on it. On top, flanked by the vol­ume but­tons is a call an­swer­ing but­ton which you can use to an­swer calls. Ideal use case sce­nar­ios would be users keep­ing the phone away while at home or in of­fice and us­ing only the Solemate to take calls.

Though small, this de­vice has a de­cent sound out­put coming from three front fac­ing speak­ers. It is louder than what you would ex­pect it to be, but that means it is not all that sub­tle when you want it to be. So we sug­gest you use this to pep up a party or to pump life into a long drive, but not to play the best of soul mu­sic or jazz. It is just not made for that kind of notes. But then the same set of specs be­comes a boon if you are try­ing to watch a movie or a game on a smaller screen. The bat­tery life is good enough for about 10 hours of mu­sic af­ter a full charge. The one draw­back is the weight. While the 610 gm gives it a ro­bust feel, it is just too much for a de­vice that you can hold in your hand and in­tend to carry along on your trav­els. Though heavy, a good ac­ces­sory to have in your kit


Jabra Solemate

Price: ` 10,990

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