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“So, this is the Note II? Nice,” said a friend. We could only smirk, for we were hold­ing the Intex Aqua 5.0, an en­try-level ph­ablet that costs a frac­tion of the Sam­sung de­vice that our friend mis­took this for. You can­not blame him, for the look and build qual­ity of the Aqua 5.0 makes it look very pricey. We must con­fess that to add to the de­cep­tion, we had Sam­sung’s trade­mark dan­de­lion wall­pa­per on the phone.

The truth is that if you are on a bud­get and as­pire to own a ph­ablet, the Aqua 5.0 isn’t a bad bet. We don’t know how the phone will fare six months on, but in the week that we used the de­vice it man­aged to give us a pleas­ant sur­prise. It seems like a well-built phone with a plas­tic body that has a brushed alu­minium fin­ish at the edges. The rough rear piece makes it easy to grip. Then, the 5-inch ca­pac­i­tive multi-touch touch dis­play, though just 800x480p, is good, es­pe­cially when you know how much the phone costs. The view­ing an­gles are a bit lim­ited, but play a high-end game or a HD video and you wouldn’t be dis­ap­pointed. The phone runs a dual-core pro­ces­sor and run­ning heavy apps or video was not a prob­lem. In fact, the bench­mark tests we ran on the phone were too good

Buy this small tablet and you wont be dis­ap­pointed.

to be be­lieved. Any­way, the de­vice runs An­droid 4.0 ICS and you can live with­out an up­grade for some months.

The call clar­ity is good, though we would have like it to be a bit louder. But you wouldn’t be keep­ing this 5-incher to your ear to make a call, that job will have to be en­trusted to an ac­ces­sory. The phone has two cam­eras—a 1.3MP one in front and a 5MP in the rear. The lat­ter is good enough for you to cre­ate de­cent HDR and time lapse videos, but the re­sults are a bit noisy in low light and when us­ing zoom. The 2000 mAh bat­tery is good enough to last a day and a half with reg­u­lar us­age, in­clud­ing Wi-Fi.

There aren’t many big flaws with the phone. But we no­ticed that a part of the phone near the cam­era heats up dur­ing brows­ing. Then there is a slight gap to­wards the bot­tom end of the touch­screen from where light seeps out and this is a mi­nor ir­ri­tant. And, yes, the phone has a ten­dency for the hor­i­zon­tal ori­en­ta­tion, even when it doesn’t need to. Maybe it likes be­ing a tablet more than a phone.

Over­all, we sug­gest peo­ple who are look­ing at an af­ford­able ph­ablet or tablet should con­sider this phone se­ri­ously.



Price: ` 9,990 Specs:

An­droid 4.0; 5-inch ca­pac­i­tive multi-touch 480x800p; Dual-core 1GHz Cor­tex A9; 512MB RAM; Dual-SIM; 3G, 2G, GSM/GPRS/EDGE; 4GB in­ter­nal me­mory, ex­pand­able up to32 GB.

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