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You would be for­given for think­ing that com­pe­ti­tion in the por­ta­ble me­dia player seg­ment was over. We thought so too, as the iPods had pretty much ended the ar­gu­ment in their favour if the mo­bile phone hadn’t al­ready made the por­ta­ble me­dia player ex­tinct. Well, there are some peo­ple who clearly don’t agree. With its Zeb­mate, Ze­bron­ics seems to think it will be able to find a cus­tomer base. Well, we have to agree that at this price point there will sure be a few buy­ers.

The Zeb­mate is a tiny, no-com­pli­ca­tions de­vice with a 1.8-inch touch­screen and jut one home but­ton for the rest. But it can play al­most all mu­sic files, some video for­mats and also re­ceive FM ra­dio. The screen is re­spon­sive enough for you to op­er­ate the me­dia player and the in­ter­face easy enough for even kids to fig­ure out.

How­ever, we are not sure we would want to watch video on a stamp­size screen. And, we en­coun­tered prob­lems play­ing many pop­u­lar for­mats. But the Zeb­mate is a good mu­sic player and FM ra­dio, the sort you’d want to take on a morn­ing walk or to the gym.

How­ever, you are ad­vised to buy a bet­ter pair of the ear­phones as the one in the box is ba­sic. The Zeb­mate has an 8Gb in­ter­nal me­mory and can take a Mi­cro-SD card.

Buy it for a child or a tech-chal­lenged el­der.


Price: ` 2,200

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