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1907: Elec­tro­lu­mi­nes­cence as a phe­nom­e­non was dis­cov­ered by the Bri­tish ex­per­i­menter H. J. Round of Mar­coni Labs. 1962: The first prac­ti­cal vis­i­ble- spec­trum (red) LED was devel­oped by Nick Holonyak. Holonyak is seen as the "fa­ther of the light-emit­ting diode”. 1972: M. Ge­orge Craford is a former grad­u­ate stu­dent of Holonyak, in­vented the first yel­low LED 1968: Hewlett Packard (HP) in­tro­duced LEDs. 1970: Com­mer­cially suc­cess­ful LED de­vices at less than five cents each were pro­duced by Fairchild Op­to­elec­tron­ics. 1977: All LED TV screen is cred­ited to J.P. Mitchell.

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