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De­sign The EOS M is a very com­pact cam­era, not much larger than some of Canon’s IXUS models, with­out the lens. The 18-55mm lens is also much smaller than the DSLR ver­sion, there is a 22mm pan­cake lens too in case you don’t need the zoom. The 3-inch touch­screen that dom­i­nates most of the cam­era’s con­trols, thus sim­pli­fy­ing life for novices. A mode dial on top lets users choose the auto, man­ual and video modes. The con­trol dial to the right of the LCD does most of the other con­trol and ad­just­ments. There are Menu, Info and Play­back but­tons around this ring, as well as a record but­ton to ini­ti­ate video. But you will pre­dom­i­nantly be us­ing the touch­screen. Re­sults De­spite the slug­gish auto-fo­cus, the EOS M is a su­perb cam­era be­cause it pro­duces re­sults that can match with any DSLR. In fact, we com­pared pic­tures clicked on an EOS 400D and the EOS M seemed to have the bet­ter colours and feel. It any­way has an 18MP CMOS sen­sor with a Digic 5 pro­ces­sor, good enough to take on most DSLRs. The low-light re­sults are great too, even though this has a max­i­mum ISO of 12800 at a time when other com­pact miror­less cam­eras go one point higher. Then, like other cam­eras of this ilk, the EOS M too shoots pic­tures in RAW mode. The video qual­ity is great too, though it has a max­i­mum of 25fps in 1080p. The auto-fo­cus strangely seems much more faster while shoot­ing video.

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s taken a long time coming, but canon fi­nally has a com­pact s cam­era in its sta­bles. The EOS M is like a Canon EOS DSLR as been minia­turised. So in­side it is still the same old Canon ntrols, though a lot less com­plex and much more sim­pli­fied. is among the eas­i­est cam­eras to use. In the man­ual cam­era mode, e to do is click the mode icon on top of the screen to change to ri­or­ity or Shut­ter Pri­or­ity. Swipe to the left and even the Scene sete ac­cessed here. Sim­i­larly, most of the icons on the screen can be used hose set­tings like the pic­ture qual­ity and ISO and so on. Now, that is e in our books. Plus, while you are us­ing the video mode, you can pic­tures too, though in the as­pect ra­tio of the video. Even while Ful­lHD, you can change most of the set­tings on the screen. amera has one se­ri­ous prob­lem, an auto-fo­cus that has a mind of its uld not click some shots be­cause the AF would not oblige. And, it n in low-light. We felt that the prob­lem was more when us­ing the Sin­gle auto-fo­cus that lets you se­lect the area in the frame that you us on. This is oth­er­wise a su­perb fea­ture which we have not en­couner cam­eras. Even in the other modes, you can use the screen to se­ject you want to fo­cus on, and we loved this fea­ture. The con­tin­u­ous per­fast, though it will take a while to save the pic­tures if you are card un­der Class 6. We tested the cam­era with a Class 10 SanDisk DHC card. Ver­dict Its slug­gish auto-fo­cus aside, this is one of the best com­pact miror­less cam­eras in the mar­ket. Coming from Canon, there is also an ease of use that comes from fa­mil­iar­ity. Plus, you can use you old Canon lenses with this cam­era us­ing an Mount adapter EF-EOS M. Cer­tainly, a great buy for Canon fans and those look­ing for an ad­vanced cam­era that is not as large as a DSLR.

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