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The com­pact mir­ror­less cam­era is pretty much a Pana­sonic cre­ation. So the Pana­sonic Lumix DSC-GX1 gives you the com­fort of the most ma­ture com­pact sys­tem cam­era. This means easeof-use and a ver­sa­til­ity very few cam­eras of this kind can of­fer.

The GX1 has a very com­pact body, not much larger than a reg­u­lar point-and-shoot. We tested the cam­era with two lenses, a 14mm and a 14-44mm lens. With the pan­cake-like 14mm, which is ideal for por­trai­ture and street pho­tog­ra­phy, the cam­era is com­pact enough to be kept in­side a coat pocket. This suc­ces­sor to Pana­son­ics GF range of com­pact sys­tem cam­eras is pep­pered with di­als and but­tons. The op­er­a­tive part, how­ever, is the 3-inch ca­pac­i­tive screen which can be used for some ba­sic tweaks as well to se­lect the area of the frame you want to fo­cus on. The screen comes with a level gauge and a tab to open some of the op­tions. Then touch-based fo­cus from the screen, sim­i­lar to the EOS M, is a great fea­ture to have a in a cam­era and saves time while you are com­pos­ing com­pli­cated frames. But more touch ac­tions could have been in­cor­po­rated into the screen.

The Lumix G se­ries comes with an amaz­ing range of lens op­tions and that is one of the strong points of this cam­era. The mi­cro four-thirds sen­sor of the GX1, with the right lens, can do any­thing you would on a DSLR. In fact, it can do cre­ative con­trols even be­fore you click a pic­ture. But then you wouldn’t need to be that cre­ative with the pic­tures as the re­sults from the cam­era seem to have much more char­ac­ter than those shot with DSLR. We felt the colours were much more vi­brant.

Like the Olym­pus OM-D EM-5, which we thought was among the best cam­eras we tested last years, the GX1 one too per­forms ex­cel­lently in low light. Even with a max­i­mum ISO of 12800, the re­sults were stun­ning, though we did no­tice some noise. This is also an ex­tremely fast cam­era, not just be­cause the auto-fo­cus is sprightly. The burst mode is su­per­fast. So fast that it is tough to hear one click from the other. The burst mode is also avail­able with dif­fer­ent pic­ture qual­i­ties, which is unique. You wouldn’t miss a but­ter­fly with this fea­ture.

The one thing we were not all that im­pressed by was the fact that it is tough to make out any­thing on the screen un­der the harsh In­dian sun. There is an elec­tronic viewfinder that can be paired with this cam­era and we sug­gest you in­vest on that too. There is a pop-up flash as well as a hot shoe for speed­lights, all mak­ing this a com­plete cam­era.

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