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Weight loss is a new year res­o­lu­tion that al­most ev­ery­one likes to make. But in re­al­ity we end up overeat­ing and mak­ing ex­cuses to skip gym and ul­ti­mately strug­gle to get back to shape. So for all lazy lumps, Nike and Xbox's Kinect have come up with a so­lu­tion where we can get rid of our un­nec­es­sary curves.

Be­fore you join this fit­ness regime you have to fig­ure out what you want to do – tone mus­cles, build strength or just cut flab. Then Nike+ Kinect Train­ing will be able to iden­tify where you need to im­prove and choose what rou­tines that will match your abil­i­ties. There is also an op­tion to mix and match dif­fer­ent ex­er­cises for dif­fer­ent or al­ter­nate days. This four-week boot camp is called Per­sonal Train­ing Ses­sions which be­comes rig­or­ous in time and forces you to push your lim­its.

Mo­ti­va­tion plays an im­por­tant role es­pe­cially for the un­fit. So out of the two train­ers we chose the lovely Marie over beefy Alex. This game comes with mini-chal­lenges where you have to fin­ish work­out ses­sions within a given time or in five-minute slots. This way you get to break the mo­not­o­nous fit­ness regime.

Nike+ Kinect Train­ing is a step above the rest as it car­ries out an ini­tial fit­ness test to mea­sure your stamina. It also gives a gen­uine feed­back on your ath­leti­cism with the help of the Kinect cam­era. As a re­sult you get know where you need to put more ef­fort.

An­other help­ful fea­ture is that the in­di­vid­ual ex­er­cises don't start till you are in the cor­rect po­si­tion. There­fore, you are not wast­ing time or points work­ing out in­cor­rectly. And if you like flaunt­ing your fit­ness level then you can go on­line and ei­ther ex­er­cise or beat your friends in var­i­ous chal­lenges.

The let down is that the pre­sen­ta­tion is av­er­age. I ex­pected a snazzy stu­dio but it is looks jaded and very bare min­i­mum place. Then there are the usual Ki­netic is­sues like the cam­era an­gle. So if your move in­volves you to look away from the cam­era then it doesn't read your move­ment.

Nike and Xbox's Kinect can be thor­oughly en­joyed only if you have a lot space. Oth­er­wise, the sen­sors will not be able to read all your moves. Also with the wide range of ex­er­cises, ca­ter­ing to al­most ev­ery­one, this is surely the game which will get you back in shape.

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