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Ma­rooned in a trop­i­cal is­land with warm ocean waves kiss­ing the shores and vir­gin nat­u­ral beauty sur­round­ing you, one could eas­ily be­lieve you were in Eden. But you are not here to shoot the King­fisher cal­en­dar. In fact, this is Rook Is­land, the haven for the scalawags and slave traders. You are Ja­son Brody, who goes out sky­div­ing with his friends and ends up in the land of pi­rates and cold hearted mur­der­ers. Your en­tire group is cap­tured, but due to some con­fu­sion you man­age to es­cape from a makeshift prison and vow to free your friends.

The sto­ry­line is a mun­dane, but the game's stand­out fea­ture are the graph­ics and game play. Far Cry 3 pushes the lim­its and de­fines what an open world game should be like. Tak­ing cues from Assassin Creed, this game's de­tailed work is truly a gamers’ de­light as it makes the sur­round­ings look very real­is­tic and the characters ap­pear very life­like. The graph­ics are top­notch, like Arkham City, and trans­port you to the is­land. This trou­bled is­land en­tices you to com­plete each and ev­ery chal­lenge.

Also, full credit to the game mak­ers for mak­ing a ter­ri­fy­ingly in­sane vil­lain, Vaas. This de­ranged pi­rate is quite charis­matic in his psy­chotic way. He is pure unadul­ter­ated en­ter­tain­ment.

Far Cry 3 brings a lot to the ta­ble and keeps you busy whether you are driv­ing in the jun­gle or climb­ing the out­posts to fix dis­abled ra­dios. Th­ese mis­sions un­lock ar­eas, weapons, map in­for­ma­tion and skill. There test your sur­viva gath­er­ing herbs the pi­rates, but

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