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With smart­phones get­ting big­ger and more pow­er­ful, the bat­ter­ies strug­gle to last even a day. Here are some in­ter­est­ing charg­ing op­tion for phones and other mo­bile de­vices.


Have mul­ti­ple de­vices plugged into charg­ing, scat­tered all across the room? Belkin Con­serve Wal­let can charge up to four phones si­mul­ta­ne­ously while cut­ting through the clut­ter of wires. It is a com­pact, raised plat­form with four USB ports. Just con­nect the phone’s USB ca­ble to the phone and you are ready to go.


It is ad­vis­able to keep a car charger handy if you are some­one who spends long hours away from your of­fice or home. This one from CapeDase is a com­pact charger and has a USB port. Sim­ply plug it in the lighter socket and use the de­vice’s data ca­ble to charge the phone. This charger is com­pat­i­ble with all de­vices that can be charged us­ing 5V power in­put.


Car­ry­ing a charger in your bag is a good idea, but what if you don’t have a power socket in your vicin­ity? Hence, a bat­tery pack scores over a charger as it stores en­ergy and is al­ways ready to add ex­tra juice to your phone. In­vest­ing in a 2500 mAh bat­tery would be ideal to­day as most of the smart­phones have a 2000mAh bat­tery to­day.


This ac­ces­sory de­signed by Fat­Boy is for the Nokia Lu­mia 920, the first smart­phone to sup­port wire­less charg­ing. The phone is charged just by plac­ing it over this com­pat­i­ble ac­ces­sory.


With phys­i­cal key­boards in smart­phones be­com­ing a thing of the past, El­com has com­bined a wire­less key­board and a Blue­tooth head­set into a sin­gle ac­ces­sory. Com­pact and good look­ing, this key­board has a dis­play on the top that is used for no­ti­fi­ca­tions such as Blue­tooth and

bat­tery sta­tus.

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