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LIGHT­ING: From scene or mood light­ing in­te­grated for your en­ter­tain­ment hubs to sen­sor-based LEDs that switch off when there is no one in a room, the op­tions are end­less. ABB Ltd sells pres­ence sen­sors priced be­tween ` 3,500 and ` 7,000, while timers and switch­ing units are cheaper at ` 2,500. ABB i-bus EIB bright­ness sen­sors, that con­trol light­ing ac­cord­ing to the am­bi­ent light in the room, cost ` 3,000. Sch­nei­der Elec­tric has so­lu­tions that con­trol light­ing from a mo­bile de­vice.

SE­CU­RITY: Many home own­ers opt for full CCTV sur­veil­lance sys­tem with so­lu­tions like IR Bul­let and Speed Dome cov­er­ing a wider area and record

ing even in low-light con­di­tions. How­ever, a more prac­ti­cal so­lu­tion for In­dian homes is a video door phone. Th­ese can be linked to re­mote door mech­a­nisms like the Trane elec­tronic main door mor­tise lock. Both Zi­com and Eureka Forbes have video door so­lu­tions priced un­der ` 20,000. Th­ese two com­pa­nies also of­fer fin­ger­print or bio­met­ric locks (`12,000+).

CLI­MATE CON­TROL: An­other au­to­ma­tion op­tion is to ac­cess the air-con­di­tion­ing or heat­ing in the home from a mo­bile de­vice and set it ac­cord­ing to your need even if you are not there. Use this to switch off an AC or to switch on the heater be­fore you en­ter the house.

OTH­ERS: Com­pa­nies like Smart Au­to­ma­tion of­fer so­lu­tions that let you open or close cur­tains with the click of a

but­ton from any­where in the house. You can also have a re­mote in the car to open the front gate or garage door. All home en­ter­tain­ment equip­ment can also be synced to be con­trolled by a sin­gle mo­bile ap­pli­ca­tion or re­mote. Au­to­mated sys­tems can also be used to con­trol owens, deep freez­ers and re­frig­er­a­tors in the kitchen. How­ever, th­ese are not so pop­u­lar here.

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