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Okay, I know you are thrilled by the all-so­cial PlayS­ta­tion 4, but there is also a new su­per slim ver­sion of PS 3 in the mar­ket. While the new en­trant has taken some of its sheen off, this third edi­tion is eas­ily the most com­pact Sony con­sole and features a slid­ing disk cover, Eth­er­net, Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth 2.0, an HDMI Out and 1080p out­put. It now comes with 250GB and 500GB (in white, red and blue) hard disk drive stor­age and a bud­get op­tion with just a 12GB flash me­mory.

DE­SIGN: Sony has not only made the new PS3 anorexic, but also re­placed the hard jagged edges with curves – it is 20 per cent smaller in size and 25 per cent lighter than the pre­vi­ous PS3. You can open the disc drive man­u­ally by slid­ing the cover or just by press­ing the eject but­ton, but man­u­ally clos­ing the cover seems like a step back from auto-load­ing disc trays. Though Sony rec­om­mends you to place the con­sole ver­ti­cally, the new tray de­sign makes this tough. Be­ing a top load­ing model, more space is re­quired to re­move the disc mak­ing us miss the auto-load­ing disc tray. Frankly, the build qual­ity is not some­thing to rave about.

GAMERS DE­LIGHT: When it comes to jaw­drop­ping graph­ics, the PS3 is still the king. The dif­fer­ence lies in the fact that Sony made the PlayS­ta­tion 3’s 3.2GHz Cell pro­ces­sor from scratch. This PS3’s cell pro­ces­sor is so ad­vanced that it gives game mak­ers op­tions to play with the wide range of ef­fects which re­de­fine graph­ics. Cur­rently, only a slight edge is given to PS3 over its com­pe­ti­tion in terms of vi­su­als, but this is only so be­cause the de­vel­op­ers are yet to learn to take full ad­van­tage of Sony’s pro­cess­ing power to de­liver a mind­bog­gling ef­fect. STILL A POW­ER­HOUSE: This PS3 too will con­tinue to be a to­tal me­dia hub. While bring­ing in Blu-Ray, the con­sole also dou­bles up as your data stor­age for pho­tos and plays all for­mats of mu­sic. There is the unique “photo al­bum” view fea­ture that dis­plays al­most all im­age for­mats across the screen. It comes with a ba­sic slide-show mode where you can ad­vance your slides for­ward. Then there is the Plays­ta­tion Net­work which al­lows you to go on­line and down­load games or play multi-player games with friends.

SUM­MING UP: The new PS3 is for a new buyer in the gam­ing world rather than for a cur­rent Sony con­sole owner who is look­ing for an up­grade. But we feel this one doesn’t have much shelf life with PS4’s In­dia en­try just round the cor­ner. But then for those on a bud­get, PS3 could be the best bet.

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