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It is time to re­live the Hit­man se­ries as it gets re­booted with high def­i­ni­tion vi­su­als and im­proved sur­round sound. Ei­dos has re­jigged the last three games of the fran­chise — 2002’s Hit­man2 :Si­len­tAs­sas­sin, 2004’s Hit­man: Con­tracts and 2006’s Hit­man: Blood Money — prior to last year’s se­quel Hit­man Ab­so­lu­tion.

Th­ese three mas­ter­pieces are not for trig­ger-happy gamers. They are all about stealth. Af­ter­all, you are Agent 47, the bald headed assassin, and not John Rambo. My only com­plaint is that Ei­dos should have added the first game of the se­ries, Hit­man:Agent47, to the pact too.

This tril­ogy is all about dif­fer­ent pos­si­bil­i­ties of as­sas­si­nat­ing peo­ple. Do you want to kill the Yakuza boss by fugu poi­son­ing or take out the pudgy Scot­tish crime boss hid­ing in a slaugh­ter house with a sur­prise at­tack through the sky­light or sim­ply smug­gle a gun into the room in­side a roast chicken? The choice is en­tirely up to you. It all de­pends how in­no­va­tive one can be. Plot­ting, plan­ning, stay­ing in shadow or dis­guis­ing your­self is how you can master the art of killing. The ob­jec­tives in all three games are quite sim­ple: take out the tar­get with­out draw­ing any at­ten­tion. So go­ing all guns blaz­ing is not an op­tion.

By play­ing the three games, you get to see and ap­pre­ci­ate the evolu- tion of this fran­chise’s game play. In Si­len­tAs­sas­sin, Agent 47 takes up mis­sions so that he can raise funds to free his priest friend. The game tests your abil­ity to sur­prise the en­emy pa­trols, use cam­ou­flage and move for the kill with­out rais­ing any alarms.

Con­tracts, on the other hand, fo­cuses on Agent 47’s past. Even though the game play re­mains the same, it chal­lenges you as it gets tougher with tighter and more re­spon­sive reflexes. In Blood­Money, our suave assassin im­proves his close com­bat skills. In the pre­vi­ous games, he strug­gled and lacked nat­u­ral flow. My favourite fea­ture was when you have to clear the scene of ev­i­dence. The so­phis­ti­cated and de­vi­ous ways of mak­ing as­sas­si­na­tions look like ac­ci­dents pushed the game play to a whole new level.

HD makes the en­vi­ron­ments and fa­cial features look crisper and clearer, es­pe­cially in Si­len­tAs­sas­sin and Con­tracts. The Hit­man Tril­ogy is a great way for new gamers to ex­plore Agent 47's ad­ven­tures. But even with im­proved vi­su­als, the two older games still look aged and re­tain chunky and slow move­ments.


Im­proved vi­su­als, but clunky con­trols show this is old

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