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http://www.mole­sk­inea­sia.com/ It is rare for a note­book, or any­thing phys­i­cal, to be fea­tured in a col­umn on apps. But the Ever­note Mole­sk­ine Smart­book is, as the name sug­gests, meant to be used with the Ever­note app on a smart mo­bile de­vice. The note­book presents a unique way to digi­tise your scrib­bles and phys­i­cal notes and to be able to ac­cess them on­line. Well, you can do the same us­ing Ever­note and many other apps or just your sim­ple phone cam­era. Write some­thing on this new Mole­skin Smart­book and shoot it with the note cam­era on Ever­note app to save the im­age to a mole­skin folder cre­ated in your app. Th­ese are high con­trast im­ages in which you can see just the notes. Sadly, the app does not have a im­age to text func­tion that could have let you search the text within note, but it lets you tag the notes and also add smart­stick­ers to sort them. There are other apps that let you scan notes, but with Ever­note you can re­call them on mul­ti­ple de­vices and plat­forms.

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