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Mi­crosoft has re­placed the old favourite Hot­mail with Out­look. If you have a Hot­mail ac­count you can mi­grate that id here and mail sent to the old ad­dress will au­to­mat­i­cally land in your new Out­look in­box. Since it was launched along with Win­dows 8, Out­look too has a min­i­mal­ist, neat and clean in­ter­face with no clut­ter or ir­ri­tat­ing ads. The side panel is used to give ac­cess to ad­di­tional info, mostly about the per­son who has sent the mail. You can also con­nect your so­cial net­work ac­counts to this ser­vice. It is quite easy to or­gan­ise mail here as you can se­lect mul­ti­ple files and send them to a new folder. You can also as­sign mails from a par­tic­u­lar sender to land in a sep­a­rate folder. Wel­come features for peo­ple who get scores of mails ev­ery day.


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