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Gears of War: Judge­ment is a prequel to the pre­vi­ous edi­tions and is set around 14 years be­fore the first game. Our favourite bad mouthed killing ma­chine, Marcius Fenix, is re­placed by Da­mon Baird, who leads a team of trig­ger-happy sol­diers called the Kilo Squad. The team com­prises of Gears cham­pi­ons Au­gus­tus Cole and Baird and two rook­ies Gar­ron Paduk and Sofia Hen­drick. The game starts with the Kilo squad stand­ing on trial for an act of trea­son. Each team mem­ber gives their tes­ti­mony; each flash­back tak­ing con­trol of each sol­dier. This is the first time in the Gears of War se­ries that a nar­ra­tive style is used and where you get to re­play past events.

SLIGHT TWEAKS: The graph­ics make you feel at home if you have played the pre­vi­ous Gears of War ti­tles. No doubt the game de­vel­op­ers have en­sured that Judge­ment is a treat to the eyes with crisp vi­su­als. The big­gest change, and a sure shot de­light for gamers, is a host of new weapons to play with. Pre­vi­ously, one would be stuck with only a pis­tol, but now the Gears are equipped with a lancer, gnasher and any other weapon while us­ing a boom shield. Also, now you can only have two main weapons, which al­low you to swap and choose the ideal gun for the up­com­ing Lo­cust on­slaught. Ac­ti­vat­ing grenades has be­come a lot sim­pler us­ing the left bumper.

NEW FEATURES: The “de­clas­si­fied” tes­ti­mony adds ob­jec­tives or chal­lenges by mak­ing cam­paigns com­bined. There are some sit­u­a­tions that will force you to use a cer­tain weapon, equip the en­e­mies with bet­ter guns and put a time limit on ar­eas, which can be quiet an­noy­ing if you don't get it right quickly. The game will also put you in tight spots where you will be in a dust or smoke filled room and your ob­jec­tive is to get out with­out get­ting shot. Then there is Over­Run, where one team chooses a sol­dier, medic or en­gi­neer, and makes them de­fend E-holes and gen­er­a­tors from a lo­cust at­tack.

VER­DICT: A Gears of War fan or not, as long as you like vir­tual blood and gore then this game is a must-have. It might not have the essence of its pre­vi­ous ti­tles, but does at no time fall short of ex­pec­ta­tions.


A per­fect mix of fab­u­lous gun­play and graph­ics.


` 2,999

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