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Swedish head­phone maker Urbanears has en­tered the In­dian mar­ket with its range of su­perbly de­signed and vi­brant ear­pieces. Their top of the range Plat­tan on-ear head­phones are classy and a bit loud on the de­sign front. In fact, the re­view unit we had was to­mato red and that too cov­ered in fab­ric and leather from end to end. The only bit of chrome that shines through is on the 3.5mm jack. Even the cord is fab­ric and con­nects to the left ear cup. On the right ear cup you can plug in an­other jack to share mu­sic with some­one really close to you. We thought this ZoundPlug was a great fea­ture.

The sound qual­ity is really good, es­pe­cially since this is not a very ex­pen­sive unit by to­day’s stan­dards. The bass really came through and the lows were clear too. The ear cups fit tightly and keep most ex­ter­nal noises out so. They are very easy to ad­just and can be pulled down for each ear sep­a­rately too. How­ever, it does feel a bit hot in­side af­ter an al­bum or two as this is not an open ear model.

Plus, it comes with a mic and re­mote, let­ting you take calls from most phone models. All this makes the Urbanears Plat­tan a great value for money head­set that also brings with it a splash of style.

We used the ZoundPlug to con­nect to an­other Urbanears model, the odd-shaped Medis ear­phone. This ear­phone has a unique EarClick con­struc­tion that locks the ear­piece at two points in in­side the ear keeps it in place what­ever hap­pens. The sound qual­ity is good and we liked the fact that the de­sign does not com­pletely cut you off am­bi­ent sound.


Great op­tion if style is your thing



Price: `5,750 & `4,750

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