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The Bioshock fran­chise re­turns af­ter three years with what seems like a big gam­ble from the gamemak­ers. In­fi­nite is about Booker De­witt, who is try­ing to pay off his gam­bling debt, by head­ing off to Columbia and bring­ing back El­iz­a­beth. Columbia is a metropolis in the skies and is set in 1912. The game dares you to ven­ture through the idea of what would hap­pen if re­li­gion, pol­i­tics and racial dis­crim­i­na­tion were mixed to­gether. Even though De­witt doesn’t agree to this school of thought, he re­alised the best thing is to blend in the shad­ows and fin­ish his task. Un­for­tu­nately, noth­ing is ever so sim­ple. So he ends up hav­ing an al­ter­ca­tion af­ter win­ning a raf­fle and finds him­self on top of the most wanted list. PLEAS­ING TO THE EYES: Un­like Rap­ture where ev­ery­thing took place in an un­der­wa­ter city, Columbia is all about fresh­ness with dif­fer­ent colours. BioShock has con­sciously stayed away from the dark and sin­is­ter look, which is good though it blunts the shock fac­tor. The ar­chi­tec­ture is worth a men­tion as it does make you stop and ad­mire the gor­geous graph­ics. The life­like faces of the char­ac­ters, es­pe­cially El­iz­a­beth, is sheer bril­liance at work. You can un­der­stand her feel­ings by just look­ing at face and that for a game is amaz­ing. The nar­ra­tion, mar­vel­lous back­drops and the story, it­self, make the jour­ney in­ter­ac­tive and be­liev­able. What makes it a chal­lenge is that noth­ing is truly black or white. PLOT THICK­ENS: BioShock is a first per­son shoot­ing game, but you also get to use supernatural pow­ers which keep things in­ter­est­ing. There is never a dull mo­ment when you use vigours which give the power to throw fire at the bad guys or turn them against each other. My favourite is when you charge to­wards them and blow them to smithereens. The game play is on the lines of the pre­vi­ous BioShock ti­tles with ad­di­tional twists. The fun part be­gins when you use the al­ter­na­tive way to hang around the city by us­ing the sky hook to sky­line rails. The sky­hook dou­bles up as a drilling weapon. Once you find El­iz­a­beth, she will ac­com­pany you in your jour­ney. Have no fear, for she can kick some se­ri­ous butt and helps you in many ways. VER­DICT: BioShock In­fi­nite has ac­tu­ally man­aged to be a bet­ter game than its pre­vi­ous ver­sions. The graph­ics and the sound ef­fects mar­ried to­gether up the ante. The star of the game is the moral plus vi­o­lent script.

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