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With phones that sup­port ac­tive multitasking, apps con­tinue to run in the back­ground us­ing re­sources. They then tend to slow down phones. To pre­vent this, prop­erly exit apps while us­ing Black­berry or An­droid smart­phones. There are also apps that close other apps, thus free­ing RAM. Also, keep de­vice mem­ory free by re­mov­ing un­wanted files — im­ages, movies, songs.

Like phones, PCs slow up over a pe­riod of time as they tend to ac­cu­mu­late temp files from pages vis­ited. Of­ten, PC have over one 1GB of such files and this means your com­puter is not per­form­ing op­ti­mally. Win­dows it­self comes with tools to re­move th­ese files. The eas­i­est way is to open

Ac­ces­sories> Sytem Tools>Disk Cleanup to find and delete un­wanted files. If you are do­ing it for the first time, the process will take quite long. It is rec­om­mended that you do this at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals. Al­ter­na­tively, in­stall pro­grammes like CCleaner that does this clean­ing for you at sched­uled in­ter­vals or when­ever you need it to. Also, make sure there are no un­nec­es­sary pro­grammes us­ing re­sources dur­ing startup. You can again use CCleaner to fix this. Then, de­frag­ment disk (also found in sys­tem tools) once in three months or so.

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