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Gone are the days when you used to charge your phone once in two days. The sit­u­a­tion to­day is com­pletely re­verse of what it used to be ear­lier. Even with the hu­moun­gous bat­tery on­board, smart­phones to­day strug­gle to last a day. But be­fore blam­ing the bat­tery and crib­bing about it, learn the best ways to con­serve charge on your smart­phone. The most im­por­tant of them is to keep your phone on au­to­matic bright­ness as the well-lit screen hogs a lot of bat­tery. Most An­droid smart­phones of­ten have hap­tic feed­back turned on by de­fault. Turn it off. Also turn off con­nec- tiv­ity op­tions such as Blue­tooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and lo­ca­tion ser­vices when not in use. For phones sup­port­ing multitasking, close un­nec­es­sary apps as they con­tinue to run in the back­ground. Main­tain proper charge cy­cles. While us­ing the cam­era, some­thing as sim­ple as switch­ing off the flash will make the bat­tery last much longer. If you man­age 100 clicks with the flash on, you could do at least five time more with it switched off. For some­thing in the mid­dle, opt for the auto set­ting. No, you don’t need a flash while click­ing pic­tures in the open.

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