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We have all seen it in our com­put­ers, but how many of us ac­tu­ally set a power save op­tion on our PCs. The power op­tions in the Con­trol Panel, lets you de­cide when the PC should go to sleep, or hi­ber­nate, if it is in a idle state. The ideal set­ting is to ini­ti­ate sleep of the mon­i­tor af­ter 20 min­utes. In case you want to turn off the hard disk too, set that to be­yond 90 min­utes as there could be pro­cesses run­ning in the back­ground. We of­ten leave the com­puter on overnight while run­ning a virus scan or down­load­ing large files. In such cases, se­lect the op­tion that shuts down the com­puter when these pro­cesses are over. Also, make sure speak­ers are turned off when not in use.

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