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It is com­mon for cell­phones to meet a wa­tery grave or for wa­ter to be spilled on lap­tops. Keep­ing your nerves in such sit­u­a­tions can ac­tu­ally help you save the de­vice. So, the first thing you should not do in such a sit­u­a­tion is to see if the de­vice is work­ing or not. First, get rid of the wa­ter. In case of cell­phones, re­move the back panel, bat­tery, SIM card and mem­ory card from the phone and dry it with a towel. The next step to be fol­lowed is to place your phone in air-tight bag full of un­cooked rice for ab­sorb­ing mois­ture overnight or even a cou­ple of days. Avoid us­ing the hair dryer or vac­uum cleaner. In case of lap­tops, un­plug them from the mains. Also, if your lap­top has a re­mov­able bat­tery, re­move it. In case of a non­re­mov­able bat­tery, shut down your sys­tem im­me­di­ately. Turn it up­side down to pre­vent wa­ter from dam­ag­ing the in­nards and then tap the ma­chine dry. Keep it un­der a strong light such as a ta­ble lamp that can evap­o­rate the liq­uid. Turn on the ma­chine and click the au­to­backup op­tion (if avail­able) to backup the data. Next should be to visit a ser­vice cen­ter to get the ex­tent of dam­age checked.

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