Adobe’s Cre­ative Cloud is not fully on the cloud, still it is a new high

Gadgets and Gizmos (India) - - DIGITALLIFE - By Nandagopal Ra­jan

IIf Adobe and Mi­crosoft have both put the lat­est ver­sions of their soft­ware on the cloud, you can pretty much ac­cept that this is the next big thing. Like Mi­crosoft Of­fice 360, Adobe Cre­ative Cloud is an on­line ver­sion of the Cre­ative Suite 6 Master Col­lec­tion. How­ever, the on­line ver­sion of­fers more than what you would get in the box.


There is no box here. So users have to go to cre­ative. adobe.

com to pur­chase and in­stall Cre­ative Cloud. Once in­stalled, you have the op­tion of pick­ing the spe­cific apps you want to run. These are then in­stalled separately on your com­puter. We tried the Adobe Pho­to­shop and it took just un­der two hours with a 2Mbps con­nec­tion. Sadly, none of the com­po­nents are hosted on the cloud now and you will have to down­load ev­ery­thing to the desk­top to start work­ing.


Once in­stalled, ev­ery­thing works like the box ver­sion. The Pho­to­shop CC is just like the Pho­to­shop CS6 and there are no spe­cial cloud fea­tures as such. A real value ad­di­tion could have been the abil­ity to save a file di­rectly to the cloud, like with Of­fice 360. Since the sync func­tions have not yet been ac­ti­vated, there is no Cre­ative Cloud folder on your desk­top to save to. To get files on to the cloud you have to log in to your Cre­ative Cloud ac­count on the browser and dra­gand- drop files to spe­cific fold­ers. The files tab on the desk­top suite in­di­cates a sync fea­ture is in the off­ing.


The good thing here is that you can pick and choose the apps you want to in­stall. So if you just need Pho­to­shop CC and InDe­sign CC, down­load those and leave the oth­ers for when the need arises.


The good thing about down­load­ing soft­ware on to the desk­top is that you don't need a run­ning In­ter­net con­nec­tion to use this 'cloud ser­vice'. You will, how­ever, need to log in once a month to ver­ify your sub­scrip­tion. On the flip side, be­ing con­nected all the time gives you Adobe's up­dates al­most on a daily ba­sis. In 45 days we no­ticed at least a dozen up­dates.


In a bid to push peo­ple to use the cloud more, Adobe has priced the Cre­ative Cloud much lower than the CS6 Master Suite. For those who sign up for an an­nual com­mit­ment, the cost is as low as

` 2,700 per month. Those who opt to pay on a monthly ba­sis will be billed at ` 4,000 a month. CS6 Master Suite costs

` 1,76,000, plus a 20 per cent charge per an­num for sup­port. Cre­ative Cloud sub­scribers will be able to in­stall the soft­ware on two com­put­ers at an given point of time. If you are one of those who need to use just one of the soft­ware, there is also the op­tion of a sin­gle app pur­chase for ` 1,000 a month.

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