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ONE OF THE CHAL­LENGES of us­ing a smart­phone is the man-age­ment of its bat­tery. When you need to charge a p[hone a power source to be found. The Waka Waka tries to solve this prob­lem by tap­ping into the largest power source around, the sun. This study so­lar powered charger has been made not for the ur­ban smart­phone user, but the "un­der-pre­vileged peo­ple in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries". Hence this ph­ablet size changes also comes with a power-ful LED light that can give up to 200 hours of light­ing. The de­vice takes about eight hours a full charge, pro­vided you are in di­rect sun- light. With a full charge, in­di­cated by a blink­ing red LED, the de­vice can charge phones, other de­vices, through its USB port for four hours. We tested the charger on an iPhone and the phone was fully powered in just over an hour. The LED lights on teh de­vice are pow­er­ful enough to be of as­sis­tance if your car breaks down in the mid­dle of nowhere. At full bright-ness the light is good for 20 hours and 200 hours at the low­est. Over­all, the Waka Waka is a de­vice taht has great util­ity across the world dou­bling up as a back up charger and light for ur­ban users and a de­pend­able power source for oth­ers.

The stand opens up to make so­lar panel face sun LED lights come with at least three lev­els

BAG IT OR JUNK IT: Great de­vice, but needs to be much


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