TOP 10 SMART­PHONES (< 20,000)

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AP­PLE iPHONE 5 Price: ` 45,500


4.0-inch dis­play; iOS 6; 1.2GHz dual core Ap­ple A6 pro­ces­sor; 16GB

Plus: Su­per fast per­for­mance, Sleek Looks; Mi­nus: Price

HTC ONE(` 38,899)

Specs: 4.7-inch dis­play; An­droid v4.1; 1.7GHz quad core pro­ces­sor; 32GB on­board stor­age

Plus: Cam­era; Mi­nus: Bat­tery

SAM­SUNG GALAXY S4 (` 36,299)

Specs: 5-inch dis­play; An­droid 2.2; 1.6GHz + 1.2GHz quad-core pro­ces­sor; 16GB on­board; 64 GB ex­pand­able mem­ory.

Plus: Per­for­mance; Mi­nus: Cam­era in low light

LG NEXUS 4 (` 25,999 )

Specs: 4.7-inch dis­play; An­droid v4.2; 1.5GHz quad core pro­ces­sor; 2 GB RAM; Plus: Pure An­droid

Mi­nus: NA

BLACK­BERRY Z10 (` 31,999)

Specs: 4.2inch dis­play; Black­Berry OS 10; 1.5GHz dual-core pro­ces­sor Plus: Per­for­mance;

Mi­nus: Bat­tery

BLACK­BERRY Q10 (` 44,990)

Specs: 3.1-inch dis­play; 8 MP cam­era;1.5Ghz dual core pro­ces­sor; Black­Berry OS 10

Plus: QWERTY key­pad; Mi­nus: Apps


Specs: 5.7 inch dis­play; An­droid v4.3; 1.9 + 1.3 Ghz quad-core pro­ces­sor Plus: Su­per fast per­for­mance

Mi­nus: NA

NOKIA LU­MIA 1020 (` 46,999)

Specs: 4.5-inch dis­play; 41 MP cam­era; 1.5Ghz dual core pro­ces­sor; 32GB mem­ory. Plus: Cam­era;

Mi­nus: WP 8

SONY XPERIA Z1 (` 39,841 )

Specs: 5.0-inch dis­play; An­droid v4.3; 2.2GHz quad core pro­ces­sor; 2 GB RAM; 20.7 MP cam­era

Plus: Cam­era; Mi­nus: NA

GALAXY S4 ZOOM (` 29,999)

Specs: 4.3-inch dis­play; 16 MP cam­era; An­droid 2.2; 1.5GHz dual core; 1.5GB RAM Plus: Cam­era with op­ti­cal zoom Mi­nus: Bulky

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