Gadgets and Gizmos (India) - - TEST BENCH - By Sid­dhartha Sharma

Be­yond Two Souls is a movie not a game. I say this be­cause there is noth­ing much that you do in the game. Sure, some se­quences and game­play are en­gag­ing, but you are left long­ing for more. There is al­ways a feel­ing of empti­ness af­ter you are fin­ished with a se­quence. The graph­ics are no doubt su­perb and up to mod­ern con­sole game stan­dards, and sure you will en­joy all the cut scenes and in­ter­per­sonal re­la­tion­ships that ev­ery char­ac­ters shares. But I would have rather watched an an­i­ma­tion movie than play this game. Spend­ing close to 10 hours on Be­yond Two Souls was some­thing of a pain, es­pe­cially for the last two hours.

El­llen Page has done a fan­tas­tic job though, while lend­ing her voice to Jodie Homes and Willem Dafoe is Willem Dafoe, I have never hated the man af­ter I saw him play Green Goblin in Spi­der­man. But apart from th­ese two bril­liant ac­tors there is noth­ing to look for­ward to in Be­yond Two Souls. The story is same old wham bam strat­egy, CIA stuff, noth­ing imag­i­na­tive. Jodie Has su­per­pow­ers and well Cole Free­man is noth­ing like Mor­gan Free­man (pun in­tended). The story moves in a non-lin­ear nar­ra­tive and by the end you are left with a feel­ing of “that's it”? Be­yond Two Souls is not even PS Move com­pat­i­ble. Quan­tic Dreams have a rep­u­ta­tion of plug­ging in some nu­dity for kicks to gamers, even that wasn't there be­cause Ellen Page ap­par­ently said NO. I say good she did be­cause that could have also not saved this dis­as­ter from hap­pen­ing.

I would strongly sug­gest – stay away from this game. It's a good po­ten­tial game gone wrong, Quan­tic Dreams have done some re­ally good work in the past but with Be­yond Two Souls it was like they had noth­ing to do, so some­one in their of­fice sent out a memo. “OK LETS MAKE BE­YOND TWO SOULS”

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